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Local MountainBiking

Monte Sano State Park

Our most popular riding destination, the trails here are mostly technical, rock strewn and root covered. We like to say, " If you can ride Monte Sano, You can ride anywhere!". Of course, that's not true. But you can really hone your skills here and If you can ride MSSP, you can probably ride anywhere in the South.


Find the Mountainbikers Parking Lot by entering the Park on Nolen Avenue and continue to the first "Y" in the road. Bear right at the "Y". The first parking lot you will see is the Hikers/Runners parking lot. Don't park there. All MountainBIkers and Rock Stars should continue past this Lot and take the next left. The MTB parking lot is straight ahead. Park Here!  A map is a great idea.  I don't want to spend my night stumbling around in the dark looking for you!

Download a State Park Map Here.

We ride the Family Bike Trail, Mountain Mist Trail, Sinks Trail, Goat Trail and many more. It's tough to gauge the difficulty from the map however, so drop by the shop for a personalized trail selection. Here's an example of a fun ride.

Land Trust - Monte Sano - Arrowhead

This trail is accessed from the Trough Springs trailhead on Monte Sano Boulevard near Burritt Museum. Park here and ride to the rear of the parking lot to pick up the Arrowhead connector. This is very rocky (expert level for 100m)! Hang in there and eventually you'll cross Natural Well trail and continue on Arrowhead trail. Starting out as a fun downhill romp, Arrowhead continues along McKay's Hollow at about the same elevation eventually crossing a creek and ending. It's possible to ride/push your bike into Monte Sano Park on McKay's Hollow Trail. But it's a haul! A slightly easier option is to retrace your steps back to your starting point. The climb out is one of the longer sustained climbs on the mountain and is challenging but ridable..

Land Trust - Monte Sano - Tollgate

If you ride up Monte Sano from the Five Points area, you will pass a parking lot on the right near the Tollgate intersection. This is a good place to access these lower but still very challenging trails. From here you can traverse the front side of Monte Sano on Bluff Line, and perhaps continue on Arrowhead to enter Monte Sano Park. Or chug along on Old Railroad Bed, a remnant of the tourist industry on the mountain. No doubt that the most chellenging of all is the climb up Rocky Road. To stay on the land trust turn right on High Trail and then right again to return on Bluff Line. Or stay on Rocky Road cross the paved road and continue on Cold Springs in to the Park. Here's a map. Feel free to drop by and allow us to help you chose a route.


Land Trust - Wade Mtn

The Wade Mountain Trails are near and dear to our hearts at the shop because we helped develop this trail system ten years ago. It's a tough climb to the top but well worth the journey. Check out the Devil's Race Track by turning right at the intersection at the top. Really cool geologic feature. Then return to the intersection and turn right. More trails are off to the north ( left) of the intersection.



Raccoon Mountain

View from Small Intestine


The Chattanooga Sorba chapter has developed a impressive trail system at this TVA facility, only minutes from downtown. Take I - 24 toward Chattanooga, exit Brown's Ferry Road, Turn Left (north), proceed aprox. .75 miles and turn left on Elder Mountain road. You will pass through a neighborhood and begin the ascent. Take a left into the TVA property, stay left and pass through the gate. Most bikers park at the East Overlook but the bathrooms and safest parking spots are at the visitor's center. Check out the view from the observation deck.The trail circles the lake providing great views of the Tennessee River. It can easily be found from the Visitor Center and East Overlook. Currently , more than 14 miles of trail make up the cross country portion with more on the way. A freeride area is located here and a downhill trail is in the works.

Download a map here


Thanks Chattanooga - Sorba!

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

This is dirt road riding at its finest. A really nice place to try if you are just getting acquainted with cycling or if you need a break from the technical trails of our area. Head west away from Madison on Hwy. 20.Turn Left on County Line road, watch carefully for "Jolly B" road and turn left. Follow this road into the refuge and park in the gravel lot on the right. Hop on your bike and continue on the same road. This road will veer right and run along the Tennessee River for a few miles before turning right again. At this point the road will become paved, instead turn right onto an unpaved road. Turn right at the next intersection and continue on this road for aprox. 1 mile then turn right again. This road will return you to the parking lot. Be aware that steel cables are used to restrict vehicle access and may cross the road at varying locations. This is a popular night ride area so if you decide to ride after dark, remember those cables! It's pretty easy to get turned around out there so a map is a good idea.

Bankhead National Forest

This National Forest in northwest Alabama sees relatively few visitors but that is no indication of the beauty that awaits. Enter the forest from the north on Hwy. 36 about 15 miles west of Decatur. Turn left on forest service road 249, following signs to the Pine Torch Trailhead. Park here, pay fee ($3.00). 14, 20 and 30 mile rides are possible. The trails are well marked but a map is recommended. There has been extensive damage to the trail due to pine beetle mitigation efforts but the trail is beginning to rebound. This is a multi-use trail and equestrians are adamant that their rights be respected. Our favorite ride creates a figure 8 of Pine Torch and Brushy Creek .

Tanasi Trails

Our favorite trail system within a day driving from Huntsville is the Tanasi Trails on the Ocoee River. This is area is teeming with activities from world class whitewater to homemade zip lines. The mountain bike trails are easily accessed from the Thunder Rock Campground. If you are not camping, there is still plenty of trailhead parking and picnic tables available here. Here is a ride that includes most of the available singletrack.

Enterprise South

One virtue of the New Volkswagen Plant in Chattanooga is its trail system of fast, fun singletrack just minutes from the interstate. This is a great place to take novice riders who are ready for longer rides and just a bit more of a challenge Here's a Map

Hays Preserve

The Hays Nature Preserve and the Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary together form the hays preserve boardwalkCity's largest and most undeveloped parklands. With over 10 miles of trails that wind through bottomlands, swamps, sloughs and a hardwood forest. Wildlife abounds with deer, rabbits, raccoons, and resident and migratory birds. The trails here are suitable for novices and children.

Here is a map

Guntersville State Park