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Tacx Bushido Smart

The Tacx Bushido Smart trainer is one of the most advanced indoor trainers in the world. The core of the Bushido is the T2780 wireless motor resistance unit which… [more]

Garmin Vivofit
Product Rating
3.0 stars
 (2 Reviews)

Improve your overall wellness today, tomorrow, and well into your future with Garmin's Vivofit. This sleek band learns your activity level and sets personalized daily… [more]

Tacx Galaxia Rollers

The Galaxia takes you as close as possible to the natural road cycling experience, the rollers namely move along with you. You can perform sprints, extend your legs and… [more]

Tacx Blue Motion

The Blue Motion magnetic trainer is one of the best and most powerful magnetic trainers you'll find anywhere. Sitting at the top of the Blue magnetic series, Blue Motion… [more]

Tacx Blue Twist

The Blue Twist is a magnetic trainer that's simple and easy to set up and use, but with the same quality and dependability you'd expect from one of the world's best… [more]

Serfas Puck Lock

Serfas' unique Puck Lock uses 3mm hardened steel with stainless steel rivets that allow it to fold up into a circular puck shape. It expands to 25-inches and is… [more]


Girl and Diego and Frieda

Bicycles Etc has been supplying cyclists in Huntsville, Alabama for more than 25 years. We are Bike Fanatics! But we haven't forgotten that cycling should be Fun! Whether you are new to cycling or have been riding for years, we are here to help you get the most out of every ride with great products, service and advice.

When it comes to bikes, we drank the kool-aid a long time ago. We believe the bicycle to be one of man's greatest creations. How so, you ask? What other mode of transportation easily transports ten times its weight? Uses no fossil fuel and leaves the rider in a better state of mind? The Bicycle! Add to this the irrefutable health benefits of consistent exercise and you have a product that can go a long way toward solving the world's woes. In the U.S., more trips by bike mean less reliance on foreign oil and lower health care costs! Do us all a favor and Get Back on a Bike!

Shop Online and Buy Local at the Same Time!

Bicycles Etc is constantly striving to give our customers more value and convenience. For 25 years that has meant you, the customer, coming to our store.  With our new online sales department, you can shop our website at your convenience. Make your purchase online, if you wish, and have your purchases shipped to you or for immediate gratification, come by and pick up at our store. Modern cycling equipment is complicated, high-performance machinery. The value we add is expertise, and it's yours at no charge when you purchase from us. If you don't have the time or inclination to handle the installation and setup of your new high tech gear, count on us to offer the expertise needed to maximize your performance and enjoyment.

Trek Safety Recall Notice:

Please call us or stop by the shop if you have any questions.

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Bicycles Etc

At a recent event with one of our favorite distributors, Bicycles Etc was recognized as an industry leader - and we couldn't have done it without you!

"For outstanding performance as a retailer and bike industry partner. The Staff's dedication to customer service and best retailing pratices has enhanced the local bike scene and contributed to the health of the entire bike industry."